Castle of Magic, a retrospective

Dungeons Hunter Champions

- Soundtrack Recording Session - Behind the Scenes

"II.The Shattered Kingdom of Valenthia"

Second movement of the Dungeon Hunter V Orchestral Suite, performed by L'Orchestre Métropolitain during the Montreal Video Game Symphony concert, in september 2017, at Place-des-Arts.

Recording session of Dungeon Hunter Champions (teaser)

Little sneak peek at the upcoming game soundtrack of Dungeon Hunter Champions.


(The music heard in the video is the Character Selection music in which you can hear my fugal variation on Baptiste Cathelin's main theme, followed by another theme of mine.)


September 2018.

Ice Age Adventures - reveal trailer

Ice Age Adventures - opening cinematic

Lego Legacy : Heroes Unboxed Trailer

Music by Alexandre Jacob and Kim Derome

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed - Blocks Away From a New Adventure (OST)

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed - The Not For Rest Forest (OST)

Dungeon Hunter 5 - At The Outpost

The Shaterred Kingdom Of Valenthia

Dragon Mania Legends - CGI trailer 2016 - TV spot

Let's Golf 2 - introduction cinematic

Backstab - CGI Trailer

Wild Blood - trailer

Style: Epic Power Metal.

Dragon Mania Legends - Trial of Odin - trailer

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed Teaser

Music by Alexandre Jacob and Martin Courcy

Modern Combat 4 - introduction cinematic

Ice Age Adventures - gameplay trailer

Alexandre Jacob : : Composer - 2015 game demo reel

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